Sue Mackey Andrews
Candidate for Maine State Senate District 4
“Together we will!”

About Sue

Spending summers on her grandparents' farm in Oxford County through her teens, Sue Mackey Andrews believes that these experiences in rural Maine helped to form her character, the importance of community and her desire to help people. Sue moved to Piscataquis County in 1979 seeking this same small community experience for her own two young daughters. She has worked at the local, state and national level advancing services for very young children and families for more than 40 years. Over the past ten years, Sue has been an active leader locally in economic development, education and community development. She speaks up on behalf of rural Maine - its resources, its needs and its opportunity. Sue wants to bring this voice to the Maine Senate to advance a range of public policy and financing improvements to benefit our rural region and all of its people.

Supporting the Community that Supported Her

It wasn't easy being a single parent with two young children, which is what happened to Sue shortly after moving to Maine in 1979. Holding down a full time job that required a lot of travel in the region and making everything "work" on one paycheck was a struggle. But Sue was supported by a community of friends who helped her out every day - from "Meme" who cared for her daughters while she worked, to friends who cooked dinner along with Sue, sharing the meal and company with all of their kids at the end of a busy day, and a compassionate landlord.

Sue credits where she is today to this community - people who so often surround one another during times of need, helping with a meal, a ride, a warm caring conversation over a cup of coffee. The support from this community helped Sue to be successful in her career, resulting in her own national consulting business in 1992 which employed 35 people over nearly 20 years.

Perhaps her greatest cheerleader, in addition to her daughters, is her husband of more than 30 years. Fred Andrews helped Sue to raise her young daughters and has encouraged every step of her life's path - including being the one who first encouraged this campaign for State Senate!

Since downsizing her company in 2008, Sue has dedicated her efforts to advocating locally and in Augusta for the needs of families, children and communities. She understands their experiences and knows how important it is when you have a someone cheering you on and helping you when needed. Running for State Senate District #4 gives Sue an opportunity to get to know even more people in this large rural region, to hear their stories at their front doors, and to make sure that their voice is represented in Augusta in the 179th Legislature.

Canvass for Sue

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Contact Sue

(207) 408-8040